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 Why John Clarkson Should Be on Your

Must-Read List of Thriller Writers.

image of Death Comes Due crime novel


★★★★★ A great third installment in a terrific series

John Clarkson pulls out all the stops in DEATH COMES DUE...There is plenty of action in DEATH COMES DUE and enough graphic violence to satisfy even the most jaded thriller reader, but the main reasons to pick up and read DEATH COMES DUE are the characters and Clarkson's pacing, which are both first rate. There's no good place to stop reading, and you won't want to anyway.  - Joe Hartlaub


★★★★★ A sequel every bit as good as the earlier books.

Fans waiting for a new James Beck novel will be more than fulfilled by the brand new, breathlessly plotted, wildly character-driven DEATH COMES DUE... - Emily A. M.


★★★★★  Best Beck book yet - hit it out of the park!

I have been an avid reader for over 65+ years and would put this up with the best of what Silva, Carr, Parnell, Flynn, Perry and others have ever written. This book is an absolute masterpiece by a true craftsman who is ramping up his writing to the highest level possible.  - Robert


★★★★★  I couldn't put it down!

I just got the book online in the morning and figured I'd read a few pages before I had to do some work. I read a few chapters and was engaged but had to quit to do work. After dinner I started up again and couldn't put it down. I stay up all night til the conclusion. Loved it! - Bella D'Ascoli


★★★★★  Awesome book!

One of my all-time favorite authors. This book was brilliantly plotted and paced. One of the few sequels better than the books before it, and THEY were amazing, too. - Dirk Thomas


★★★★★ Hopefully We Won't Have to Wait as Long for the Next James Beck Novel

As good, if not better, than the previous two Beck novels. I wish I hadn't have read it so fast, but I couldn't put it down. Kudos to Mr. Clarkson for another awesome book. - Erik Tuininga


★★★★★ An astounding crime thriller sequel - best Clarkson book.

I have read every one of Clarkson's books and believe he is on of the best crime writers out there. The intriguing plot with continuous twists and turns, including a colorful and complex central character James Beck, makes this book a captivating masterpiece. I highly recommend DEATH COMES DUE to people looking for an excellent crime thriller. - Nicholas Utton


Today's badass protagonist we root for is James Beck!! The story is the third book featuring James Beck and friends on another wild NYC ride originating in Red Hook, Brooklyn with an excellent turbo-charged plot that does no slow down. Exquisitely-written action scenes; cool, believable characters; fresh snappy, kickass dialogue and one-liners every guy wishes he could deliver. I'm going to read a bunch of books in 2021 and John Clarkson sets the bar HIGH. Read this book. Can't wait for James Beck #4. - Bart A. Hess

★★★★★  I Couldn't Put It Down!

I loved this book. DEATH COMES DUE is well paced, well written urban thriller with tough believable characters and smart dialogue. This isn't a one-trick pot boiler. John Clarkson has layered the action and plot twists to keep one riveted as the drama unfolds. This is a must read for a great escape. - Philip Ormond


Goodreads Reviews rated it  ★★★★★ 

Terrific story and a book that places John Clarkson among the finest crime writers in the USA.


Carol Roberts rated it ★★★★★ 

Mr. Clarkson at his best.

I subscribed to receive emails from Mr. Clarkson regarding his latest James Beck book. When I received the email offering me 50% off (as a subscriber) the new one, he mentioned that he self-published this book, so i turned down his offer and bought the book for full price. I am so glad I did. The book was worth double the price. I have read all of Mr. Clarkson's books but this was a favorite. Than you for an enjoyable few hours.

Howard S. rated it ★★★★★ 

I've read all the books in this series and they just get better and better. Clarkson develops great characters and the action is realistic and downright gritty. I wouldn't be surprised to se this get onto the NYT bestseller list. It deserves it!

Arleen E. rated it ★★★★★ 

Great addition to the Beck series.

Outstanding. Made me want to see where Beck and the crew go from here. Fans of John Clarkson will enjoy this installment of Beck and his crew. Will eagerly anticipate the next Beck bool. 

image of New Lots - by John Clarkson


Five Stars

Best there is. Hang on to your hat.


Love it. Can't put it down

Loved it. Can’t put it down. Want more!


Get this book now!

It is “The Dirty Dozen” set in New York City with the NYPD. What more do you need to hear? Get it now.


Excellent police drama!

Clarkson's sense for reality is exquisite. Even though the violence may not appeal to most people, I suspect sadly, it's closer to real life than not. If you are looking for a fast-paced police thriller with lots of action...this is the book for you! You won't be disappointed.


Oh my gosh!

This book was a roller coaster ride from start to finish, and I loved every minute of it. It was so complex and gritty that I couldn't put it down. This is my first experience with John Clarkson - I found the book by accident, and I'm glad I did. It was thoroughly enjoyable and frightening at the same time. If this book is representative of his other work, then I can't wait to get my hands on his other novels. What a read!


Good fast read!

Takes off like a rocket and never lets up. Police procedurals are my favorite, and this does not disappoint. Looking forward to more from this author.



The characters are tough, the bad guys are evil, and you will have fun. Got to get the rest of his books.


Goodreads Reviews


★★★★★ Tom Tischler

New Lots, Brooklyn, second to the last stop on the L train. Hell on earth for the people who have to live here. It's a twenty-four hour drug market with a warren of dark hallways and burnt out apartments ruled by a gang of killers. Not even the police set foot in this place. A war is raging here, a gang of Muslim Security people have moved in determined to clean out the complex from the vicious Blue-Tops a crack gang. People are being shot, beaten and the burned bodies begin to multiply rapidly even by Brooklyn standards. The call goes out for the one man who can stop it. NYPD Detective Loyd Shaw. A man who has nothing to lose and the only one brave enough to enter this place. This is an oldie from 1998, but it's nonstop action from front to rear.

image of fiction thriller, Among Thieves


image of fiction thriller, Among Thieves

One of the best books of the year!
"This might be the best book I’ve read in a long time…it builds and builds and then the twists and turns make you want more."    – Daniel J. B. 

"This book was great from start to finish…I highly recommend it, even if you are like me and don’t generally read all that many thrillers."    –TopCat19 

Cannot Stress Enough How Awesome This Is!
"This is undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read in my life.  I bought it Monday and finished it in 48 hours."

– Robert P.    

AMONG THIEVES is fabulous, pure and simple. 
"Clarkson brings some finely honed cinematic chops to this darkly humorous book. Don’t let AMONG THIEVES get past you."    –Bookreporter 

One of the top 5 best thriller writers

"Great descriptions, plot, complexity without confusion. Action is very well written. Relationships and character filled out well."    – Michael P


Recommended by Amazon, damn they are good

"I have never read this author and was surprised by the recommendation. It turned out I will buy his next book."

– Michael H

Guarantee You’ll Love This

I hope this guy keeps writing. Indelible characters and constant suspense.   – Jack F



Brilliant – entertaining, thoughtful and provoking.    – A.B.


More from this author, please.

For me, they just can’t be better than this. A bunch of hard guys you have to love; and some really mean villains. 

– Thomas C.

image of fiction thriller, Bronx Requiem

Best 2016 book read!   

"An outstanding nail biting 'must read' thriller full of suspense and surprises."    – Nicholas U 



"Come on people, you’ve got to read [Clarkson’s] books…you won’t be sorry!"    – Diana S. H.

John Clarkson does it again.  

"Don’t miss this series by a gifted author.  It’s a great ride."  

– Annie  

BRONX REQUIEM is one of the best books I have read in 2016! 

"Clarkson’s characters are fantastically written…highly entertaining and fast-moving.  The book’s resolution was perfect.  I absolutely loved this book…For mystery lovers, it is a must read!"    – Cindy B  

Worth losing sleep!  

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  The pace of the plot and the interaction of the various characters kept me up late."  

– Gale B. 

Crackling Action from Master Storyteller John Clarkson

"Like all Clarkson novels Bronx Requiem is a gripping read with a complex, compelling story that hooks you quickly. The characters are finely drawn, hard edged and action oriented. Clarkson lyrically paints the rough and tumble streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan like Willa Cather describes Nebraska; the setting is a central character, alive and teeming and central to the plot."   – Dermott R.

Another wonderful Beck thriller

"What a humane, enlightening, hard hitting, funny, satisfying book! There is a truly ensemble cast of wonderfully observed outer borough characters, surrounding the brilliant and softhearted James Beck, wrongfully convicted ex-con. The WOMEN are at center stage here! I loved that."    – Emily M.

An excellent follow up to the author’s first Beck novel

"This is the second book I've read by Clarkson. The first was his first Beck book which I read pretty much non-stop. I did the same with this one."    – Robert J.

You’ll Stay Up All Night Reading

"This crime/thriller, the second in what I hope will be a long series, featuring James Beck, is not only fast paced, colorful, intelligent but possesses a big, very big, heart."   – Stephen K.

Bronx Cheer…for real!

"As a former Homicide Detective, I have to commend Clarkson on his characters in this gritty and gripping novel. Outstanding development, exciting story, life-like portrayal of the projects! Great read!"   – Recon S.

Fantastic writer!

"Love this guy from the start. I would read anything he writes with mucho pleasure."   – Rodney Dale U.

image of all three crime thriller novels in the "ONE" series


"The publication event of the year for thriller fans is the re-release of John Clarkson's fantastic "AND JUSTICE FOR ONE." It is, hands down, one of the best "vigilante justice" thrillers ever written."    – Robert B.

"I had been waiting for Jack Devlin novels to be issued in Kindle eBook format, for years. So, I was delighted to see that And Justice for One is now available. I got it and read it in a day. … I strongly recommend all his books."    – Alfonso


Highly Recommended, First To Me, and Now By Me
"A Best Of List showed me the way to John Clarkson's first novel, and wow, what a first novel! This action-packed story had me gripped into the plot as life around me stood still. Highly recommended six-star novel."    – Ken C.


Thrills, chills and excitement, suspenseful and action packed
"What a unique story that grabs your attention from the start and doesn’t let go. … The author gives you an amazing story that really makes you think. It is a story that you won’t forget for a long time."    – Cyn


Jack Devlin is here to drink whiskey, bed beautiful women, and kick butt, and he's almost out of whiskey ...
"Great to see this early 90s thriller back in print -- it has achieved "classic" status among fans of crime novels and vigilante fiction, and with good reason."    – Mr. Strawberry

Great action novel
"I purchased this book in 1995 in a drugstore. It is the best action novel I have ever read! I have looked in vain for another action novel of the same caliber for years. I have now read this book 3 times over the last few years and I never grow tired of it."    – jazzjames

Great read
"Could not put down. Reminds me of Stephen Hunter s early work with Earl Swagger and Bobby Swagger. True revenge novel."    – John D.

One Man’s Law is a great book!
"Author John Clarkson sets his tale in a Hawaii unknown to most readers. Far from the beaches of Waikiki, the plush hotels, and the tourist attractions, is a different Hawaii, one of poverty, resentment, and violence. As a long-time resident, I wondered if an outsider would be able to describe this “other side of paradise.” Clarkson has more than succeeded, capturing perfectly the feel of the place and the persona of its inhabitants."    – Richard M


Like Graham Greene’s writings on Mexico
"Hawaii may be the ultimate tourist destiny. Clarkson’s One Man’s Law set in Hawaii, like Graham Greene’s writings on Mexico, reads nothing like a tourist brochure. … There are beaches and sunsets, and hot pools, of course, but even these places appear out of reach for the tourist, hidden, unknown, off road, secret, where tourists never go. I would highly recommend a visit to Clarkson’s Hawaii."    - jgb


"If you like your main character rough and ready for anything (but a gentleman), believe me this book is for you! Once I started it, I simply could not put it down!! I read all afternoon and evening to get to the amazing ending."     – Cherrie B.


One of the best writers out there.
"I am a reader that enjoys a good plot and we'll written material. John Clarkson does all of that and really keeps the ball rolling."    – Kindle Customer


One Man’s Law
"Very fast moving, suspenseful novel. Am anxious to get to the next book! Great Author, and way with words! Thanks." 

– Lois K.


One Way Out is an Excellent thriller
"Wow - this is a "must read - cannot put it down thriller" set in London. It's John Clarkson at his best."    – Nick U.


Five Stars
"Full tilt rock and roll magnificent."    – Douglas H.


Five Stars
Love it. Needed more.    – Bill D.

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