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Vengeance is Nigh

How do you stop a monster from destroying you
when you helped create him?

"Hard-boiled urban noir from the pen of a master. Highly recommended!
- Lee Child

James Beck vowed to build a life for himself and his tight-knit crew of fellow ex-cons, even though society considers them worthless outcasts who should be sent back to prison asap. An unseen enemy has made his own vow – destroy everything Beck has, kill everyone he loves, and make Beck suffer the most horrifying death imaginable.

Beck has no idea who his enemy is or what he has done to incur his wrath. The only way for Beck to stop him is to uncover the truth about his past, set aside his hatred of a corrupt justice system, and make an alliance with a hard-charging NYPD Deputy Inspector, the ambitious Dianne Brennan. But can Beck do that without giving the police everything they need to send him back to prison forever?

Second Edition 
By John Clarkson Inc. 

Paperback: 434 pages

Publisher: John Clarkson Inc.

Pub Date: December 1, 2020

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0999215593


ISBN: 9781735633503

ASIN: B08P3VH597

Cover and interior design by Design for Writers

Available Exclusively on Amazon.

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