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NEW Edition of the Highly Acclaimed Second Novel 

in the Jack Devlin "ONE" SERIES.

image of John Clarkson's second novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Man's Law



From John Clarkson  the bestselling author of AND JUSTICE FOR ONE 
(Jack Devlin Series) and AMONG THIEVES (James Beck Series).


image of John Clarkson's second novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Man's Law

One brutal murder ignites a war. Prepare to encounter a Hawaii you never knew existed – a place of poverty, racism, crime, violence, and militarism, all of which stoke the unrest of a deeply disenfranchised population. This is the world that Jack Devlin encounters in a remote area on the Big Island of Hawaii, when he investigates the savage murder of a homeless Vietnam vet.


Why don’t the police seem to care? Why are the suspects acting like they’re above the law? Is it because the victim is a nobody? Maybe to some but not to Jack Devlin.


The victim, Billy Cranston, served with Jack Devlin in Vietnam. He not only saved Delvin’s life, he changed Devlin’s life forever. To Devlin, Billy Cranston is a true American hero, and his death is an abomination that cannot go unavenged. In order to right this wrong, Devlin must face regrets from the past; grief, rage, and a deep sense of loss in the present; and go to war against an escalating series of powerful enemies. When Devlin sets out on this journey, nothing is certain except one thing , when it comes to righteous vengeance, Jack Devlin is going to follow one law - his.


Image of author John Clarkson

Who says you can't go back?

Back in 1994, for reasons I won't bore you with, ONE MAN'S LAW was published before it was in its best form. Ultimately, it was my fault. It's always bothered me. 

But my self-publishing project has allowed me to go back and do what I should have done then. I'm happy to tell you that my new edition of ONE MAN'S LAW is now the book it should have been.​​​

I've trimmed the fat, made the story more clear, focused, and compelling, and also brought forth the central theme that motivated me to write the book the first time around — redemption.

And, with the assistance of my design collaborator, Anton Khodakovsky, I've redesigned the cover. Compare the original cover (right) with the new cover (above), and I think you'll get a sense of how much better this new version is.


I believe this new edition of the sequel to AND JUSTICE FOR ONE is now a book worthy of Jack Devlin.


I know it might sound weird to feel obligated to a fictional character, but I am. Both Devlin and his fans deserved a better book, and now you have one.


ONE MAN'S LAW has a broad scope.


It deals with issues that include our country's misguided efforts in Vietnam, disenfranchisement, militarism, colonialism, racism, greed, guilt, and vengeance. Devlin finds himself trying to bring meaning to a man's life after he is brutally murdered, a man who saved Devlin's life, a man Devlin believes is a true American hero. That's a challenge worthy of Jack Devlin. In order to succeed, he's going to have to do what true heroes do— risk his life for the sake of others.

The book is set in 1995 Hawaii.  


I'm pretty sure when most of us think of Hawaii we see beautiful beaches, destination hotels, and tourist attractions. It's not easy to discover the other Hawaii. 


Outside of the tourist destinations, particularly on the Big Island of Hawaii, there's a good deal of poverty, anger, violence, and tension. It may be less so today, but in 1994 I found parts of Hawaii to be just as frightening and dangerous as anything I've experienced in urban areas on the Mainland. 


Throw in the fact that our country's largest concentration of military bases is in Hawaii, and you've got a volatile mix that makes for a very interesting setting. 

image of John Clarkson's second novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Man's Law 1994 cover


Original Cover 1994.

John Clarkson Signature
image of John Clarkson's second novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Man's Law

Second Edition 
By John Clarkson, Inc. 

Series: Jack Devlin ONE SERIES
Paperback: 460 pages
Publisher: John Clarkson Inc.

Pub Date: April 20, 2018
Language: English


ISBN-10: 0999215507

ISBN-13: 978-0999215500



Cover and interior designed by Anton Khodakovsky

The Entire "ONE" Series

is Available on Amazon.

image of all three books in the "ONE" Series


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  • "John Clarkson is at the top writing great thrillers. I had been waiting for Jack Devlin novels to be issued in Kindle eBook format, for years.  I strongly recommend all his books."   

image of 5 stars


  • “One of the best writers out there.”

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