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NEW Edition of the Highly Acclaimed 

Debut Novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" SERIES.

image of John Clarkson's new Jack Devlin debut novel, And Justice for One




image of John Clarkson's new Jack Devlin debut novel, And Justice for One

If someone you loved were savagely beaten and left in a coma, how far would you go to find justice? 

How far could you go if those responsible for the crime were protected by power, money, and corrupt police?

For most of us, not very far. For Jack Devlin, as far as it takes to get justice, even if it means descending into the lawless underworld of New York after-hours clubs where sex and drugs fuel the madness, and the men behind the criminal enterprise kill without hesitation.


AND JUSTICE FOR ONE tells a dark, violent story set in 1980's New York during a time when many New Yorkers put their heads down, accepted the unacceptable, and hoped they'd come out okay.

Perhaps in some ways not so different from today.


That's why AND JUSTICE FOR ONE is such a satisfying and compelling page-turner. The reader gets to walk with a man who has the guts, brains, and determination to fight for what's right - no matter what.


The New York Times said AND JUSTICE FOR ONE "Packs a savage punch".

Kirkus Reviews called it, "Dark, sexy, tough, and fast." 


Amazon reviewers called it: "The best action novel I have ever read!", "Well-written, hot, furious, fun.", "A helluva a good read, loaded with action." 


If you missed AND JUSTICE FOR ONE the first time around, don't miss it this time!


Image of the Author John Clarkson

This novel was first published in 1992. I don’t remember exactly when I began writing it. I do remember the two events that inspired the story. The first event occurred in 1976 when I visited an after-hours club in downtown Manhattan. The second event came in 1979. A six-year-old boy named Etan Patz disappeared on a spring morning in New York’s SoHo district, igniting the worst fears of parents around the country. It happened during a two-block walk to his school bus stop. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind those two events brewed for years. What if someone you loved vanished? What would you do to find them? And what if it turned out that the mysterious, hidden world of after-hours clubs had something to do with the disappearance? 

At some point in the late eighties, those questions became the inspiration for my first novel. I hardly remember writing it. My sense is that it came out in a sudden rush. And selling it to a publisher happened quite fast. I landed an agent, George Wieser, very quickly. And as I recall, George sold it to Crown within a few weeks.


Thank you, George. I do remember spending a very long time editing the book under the guidance of Peter St. John Ginna. He was patient with me. He made it a much better book. I still appreciate his efforts. 

Speaking of patience, in the original author’s note I thanked my wife Ellen for her patience. A good deal of the research for And Justice for One started at four in the morning after legal bars closed. All these years later Ellen is still patient with me, but more importantly, she still loves me, and I her. 

The others I thanked in the first edition were “the people who made it possible for me to enter the world of after-hours clubs”.


One of them was a friend named Tommy Burns. When I asked Tommy how I should acknowledge him in the first edition, he said “Use T.B., ‘Bartender to the Stars.’” Tommy rarely took anything very seriously.

Obviously, all the after-hours clubs described in this book no longer exist. But all of them except for one, which is a composite of three clubs, existed very much as described. It was a wild time in NYC. A time before cell phones and the internet and Uber. A time long gone. 

So, what prompted me to re-publish And Justice for One? Since its publication in 1992, I have persisted in writing crime thrillers, despite a ten-year break after the first five. All of those novels are out of print, but readers often ask me how they can get them. This is an attempt to make that easier. It has also provided me with the opportunity to polish the book. Nothing substantive, but lots of nips and tucks. This new edition is still what I consider a raw, rather impetuous novel from an unformed writer just starting out. Maybe that’s the best kind. Hope you enjoy it.

John Clarkson Signature



A very tough private policeman goes to war with the criminals who run Manhattan's illegal after-hours bars--in an exceptionally violent but exceptionally good first thriller. Following their father's funeral, Jack and George Devlin hit the bars of Manhattan.


Bachelor Jack—a highly paid, highly skilled security specialist--ends his night in the arms of a beautiful blond. Suburban father George ends his night with a visit to an illegal after-hours joint and a near-fatal beating by the sadistic bouncers who guard the place for its vile owner, Robert Wexler.


When Jack, at last, locates his comatose, hospitalized brother, he finds that the police haven't a clue as to the identity of the thugs and little apparent interest in locating them. Returning to the last place he remembers being with George, Jack picks up the slenderest of threads and follows them with great skill along a trail of rough sex, violence, and political corruption—until he at last rattles Wexler's cage and begins to irritate Wexler's secret partner, a highly placed cop.


Jack is not alone in his fight. He has the backing of his employer and technical assistance from his very high-tech security firm. He is solaced by two beautiful women, one of whom belongs to the villainous Wexler . . .


Dark, sexy, tough, and fast. Reminiscent of the best early Lawrence Sanders. — Kirkus Reviews

image of John Clarkson's new Jack Devlin debut novel, And Justice for One

Second Edition 
By John Clarkson, Inc. 

Series: Jack Devlin ONE SERIES
Paperback: 430 pages
Publisher: John Clarkson Inc.

Pub Date: Sept 29, 2017
Language: English


ISBN-10: 0999215515
ISBN-13: 978-0999215517




Now Available!  2.16.18 

Narrator:  Alan Philip Ormond

Cover and interior designed by Anton Khodakovsky

The Entire "ONE" Series is Available on Amazon.

image of all three books from the ONE Series
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