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NEW Edition of the Much Anticipated Third Novel 

in the Jack Devlin "ONE" SERIES.

image of John Clarkson's third novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Way Out



A  Novel of Survival by the Author of AND JUSTICE FOR ONE.  
Jack Devlin returns in a gripping story of rescue and survival against insurmountable odds. This time Devlin risks everything in a final showdown that will change him forever – if he survives.


image of John Clarkson's third novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Way Out

This time Jack Devlin is on a mission to save his first love from enemies that seem impossible to stop.

It’s been a long time since Devlin has seen Annie Turino. She lives in London now and has built a new life. A life suddenly destroyed when her husband is horribly murdered by a savage gang of Jamaican Yardies. Worse, it's all happening at a turning point in the London crime scene. The Yardies are forming an alliance with ruthless Eastern Bloc criminals migrating to the UK to build a criminal enterprise based in the West. They are more violent and better armed than anything ever seen in the UK.

Why was Annie’s husband killed? Why are the killers after Annie? Can the police possibly do anything to stop the escalating violence? Can Devlin? And at what terrible price?

The answers to these questions will drive Devlin to a shocking final option that will change him forever – if he survives.


image of John Clarkson author

This novel concludes my project to revise and re-publish the original Jack Devlin “ONE” Series. I’ve derived a great deal of satisfaction from editing these first three novels I wrote over twenty-two years ago.

Speaking of twenty-two years, obviously, 1995 London was different in many ways from today’s London. Prior to the nineties, the presence of automatic weapons on London streets was extremely rare. The influx of Eastern European criminals made them more prevalent, and from what I could tell it was a shock to the normally unarmed London cop. I’ll never forget visiting a Metropolitan Police station and seeing that the station’s entire arsenal consisted of a small, wall-mounted cabinet containing four revolvers!

In those days, before Google maps and Wikipedia. research had to be done on site, on foot, by car or public transportation. Actually, it was great fun except for the time I got into a bit of trouble in one of the Irish bars in Kilburn. If the current readers find discrepancies in the physical details like the direction streets run in or structures that have changed, chalk it up to the passage of time, or mistakes I made way back when.


Last item of note, readers often ask me—when are you going to write another Jack Devlin novel? I don’t know. But I will say after having revisited my friend Devlin, I’m more inclined to write another “ONE” novel than I was before. The project of re-editing the books has brought me closer to Mr. Devlin, particularly in this last novel where I was able to see and understand the emotional toll of his dangerous lifestyle. I guess whether or not Jack continues on depends on you all. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

John Clarkson Signature
image of John Clarkson's third novel in the Jack Devlin "ONE" series - One Way Out

Second Edition 
By John Clarkson, Inc. 


Series: Jack Devlin ONE SERIES
Paperback: 424 pages
Publisher: John Clarkson Inc.

Pub Date: November 29, 2018
Language: English



ISBN-10: 0-9992155-5-8

ISBN-13: 9780999215555


ASIN: B07L117F5Z


ASIN: 099921554X

Cover and interior designed by Anton Khodakovsky

The Entire "ONE "Series is Available on Amazon.

image of all three books in the crime thriller "ONE" series by John Clarkson


  • “Full tilt rock and roll magnificent.”

  • “Love it!”

  • “Excellent. Wow!
    A page turner!”


  • "John Clarkson is at the top writing great thrillers. I had been waiting for Jack Devlin novels to be issued in Kindle eBook format, for years.  I strongly recommend all his books."   

image of 5 stars


  • “One of the best writers out there.”

  • “Like Graham Greene’s writings on Mexico.”

  • “Before there was Jack Reacher, there was Jack Devlin.”

  • “Great book.”

  • “This is better than Reacher.”


  • “John Clarkson is at the top writing great thrillers.”

  • “Perfect action thriller, great escapist fiction.”

  • “Highly recommended. First to me, and now by me.”

  • “Thrills, chills and excitement, suspenseful and action-packed.”

  • “Jack Devlin is a bad ass – great read.”

  • “The best action novel I have ever read.”


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